Demand for accurate and relevant underfloor slab moisture testing is rapidly increasing.

FLOOR TEST Australia emerges from over ten years' experience in the timber flooring industry, this being the most hygroscopic flooring material in use. The remedial action required in the event of a moisture-related failure in solid timber flooring is quite major, equalled only by tiles and just as expensive.

FLOOR TEST Australia's technicians have assisted a wide range of contractors, builders and architects in many facets of flooring installation and finish. Inspections, consultation and troubleshooting, as well as providing input via industry associations for the improvement of industry practices and professional development are among the experiences of FLOOR TEST Australia's technicians.

Industry practices relating to undefloor slab moisture testing are outlined by standards such as AS/NZS 1884 and AS/NZS 2455, and US-based ASTM F2170, F1869 and F2420. In June 2012 AS/NZS 1884 was revised to stipulate that RH at depth was replacing surface moisture content as the requirement for resilient flooring installation.

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Fully Independent.

FLOOR TEST Australia's moisture testing technician is independent of all commercial flooring interests, and certified by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), the most credible worldwide authority on concrete moisture testing relevant to the flooring industry, a certification currently only obtainable in the USA. There, moisture-related flooring failures are known as the "billion-dollar problem", and the most extensive research into best practices are conducted by major concrete authorities such as ICRI and the Portland Cement Association. The advantages of an independent testing agency are outlined in our WHY TEST page.

ICRI Cert #ID 01243047.