Why you should use certified, independent testing #1

A great article by one of the USA’s most learned gurus on subfloor preparation, Peter Craig.

The article is in FCImag- a leading US publication for Floorcovering installers, it’s free to register.

Some quotable quotes:

“When a flooring failure occurs, one aspect of the process that is scrutinized is the moisture testing that was performed prior to the installation. … Who performed the tests? What methods and equipment were used? How were the test sites prepared? Under what conditions were the tests performed? How many tests were performed? Was the equipment properly calibrated? … In all too many cases, the results of the moisture tests are discredited due to procedural errors on the part of those who performed the tests.”

Certification is crucial to avoid these common mistakes. (to)… provide more consistent, accurate and truly representative test results that will allow those responsible to make better decisions as to when a concrete floor is ready for a floor covering.”

UPDATE: FCI Mag has been discontinued. You'll have to take my word for it.

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